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As if We Were Grownups ends with a challenge. The section called “Next Steps” says

“These are speeches that could break the downward cycle of American politics. Candidates will start making them if they start believing we’re grownups. What can you and I do to help them believe that?

   We can act like grownups. That includes staying awake during the election-year lullabies, and staying engaged between elections to prove that the things that we say are important to us really are. It means acknowledging and thanking the people we elect when they follow the public interest and stubbornly holding them accountable when they don’t, and knowing issues well enough to recognize the difference.”

That’s general language. Now let’s develop some specifics. What can we do, on our own or with others, in new initiatives or in cooperation with existing efforts (see the Allies page), to motivate them to act as if we were grownups?

What other ideas would you like to offer to readers who understand the importance of As if We Were Grownups?

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